Editorial : Backpacker Magazine Private Patagonia

You might have seen some of my Chile Adventure Dispatches in May of last year. Well, I am excited to share with you some of the actual assignment photography I got to do on this amazing trip.

Chile again and again in all the trips I have done keeps surprising me with it’s stunning beauty and magnificence of Nature. The variety of environments and the hospitality of the people is hard to match on this planet.

Backpacker Magazine made a very informative article in their January issue on this beautiful destination with detailed descriptions on the different trips available. If you miss the printed version, you can see them at Backpacker.com separated out by trip.

Honestly, the trip was one of my favorite and seeing these images, I want to go back soon.

Chile Adventure Dispatches: The Arrival

Upon waking up, first view of the Andes above Santiago de Chile.

I fell in love with Puerto Natales back in 2004. It’s the gateway to the some of the most beautiful national parks known. The elements of nature are rough and so beautiful that it touches me deep in my core.

This trip was originally a government project to rejuvenate the tourism industry after the big forest fire in the beginning of the year. After the government’s involvement changed, it turned into a grass roots project incorporating local companies and the local chamber of tourism. I’ve been invited to shoot several amazing adventure trips and welcome any interest from magazines all over the world to publish articles about this beautiful place. Do not hesitate to contact the studio at studioinfo@jorgbadura.com.

I love traveling to Chile, you step on the plane in perfect time for dinner and step out of the plane for breakfast. No jet lag! My trip continued, flying from Santiago to Punta Arenas.

Campo de Hielo Sur en route to Punta Arenas, the 2nd largest ice fields in the world.

After arriving in Punta Arenas, we drove to Puerto Natales for a quick dinner, shower, and repacked the gear.

Welcomed with Chilean hospitality and a hot cup of mate at midnight. We jumped on a boat to the Fjordo de las Montañas, camped out on the boat and shared a tent with Shannon, a writer from Backpacker Magazine who will be reporting about this amazing place, then finally arrived in the morning to untouched nature. Travel time a bit more then 36 hours:), but what a reward.