Environmental : Earth Day

Respect and Protect Nature ! Philip Muller @standuplatino.com humbled at Glacier Grey Torres del Paine Nationalpark in southern Patagonia Chile on his inflatable Naish SUP Board.

Inspiration : 180 Degrees South

Conquerors of the Useless “The regard for the planet shown in 180° South comes from the quiet, philosophical nature of the people profiled in the film, who realize there is more adventure in the preservation of nature than in its conquering.” -Bill White

Editorial : Backpacker Magazine Private Patagonia

You might have seen some of my Chile Adventure Dispatches in May of last year. Well, I am excited to share with you some of the actual assignment photography I got to do on this amazing trip. Chile again and again in all the trips I have done keeps surprising me with it’s stunning beauty […]

Editorial: PDN Faces Self Portrait Winner

I much appreciate the recognition of my Glacier Geike Super Moon Self Portrait as a winner within the PDN Faces Contest published in the PDN August issue. Thank you.

Chile Adventure Dispatches: Heading Back Up North

As I am strapped into the airplane seat looking out of the window loosing myself in the ocean of clouds, I let the trip pass by again in my memory. I am moved, profoundly touched, somehow filled up with pure joy. Nature does that to me and I love it. I so very much appreciate […]

Chile Adventure Dispatches: More SUP at Glacier Grey

Second day at the glacier and our mission is to explore the Western side. It’s a rainy, somewhat chilly morning and the 1 1/2 hour approach paddle alone promises to make the day more of a challenging adventure.   For starters, the hot water certainly helps to take the edge off of a wet, ice […]

Chile Adventure Dispatches: Iceberg and Glacier SUP

We were very excited to be here, no matter the condition or temperature, we wanted to get close to the glacier and explore the icebergs along the way before night fall. Glacier ice is purely magnificent, sublime, and raw. Experienced guides, like Rodrigo Bahamondez, can tell if an iceberg is unstable, but believing you are […]

Chile Adventure Dispatches: Back to Glacier Grey

  It’s been 5 years since my last trip to Glacier Grey, and its an adventure in itself just getting up here. Riding up Lago Grey with the tremendous Punta Bariloche and the Cordillera del Paine Mountain Range to the right, the boat captain showed me a postcard from the nineties. He said back then […]