Chile Adventure Dispatches: Andria, Gaucha Girl

Andria wanted to work with horses, to learn and live the life of a Gaucho. Born and raised in Loveland, Colorado she swam her horse across the Serrano River, and moved to a remote estancia. She says, “There are not a lot of places left in the world where you can just drink directly out of the rivers.”

Chile Adventure Dispatches: Up the River

There is only one way to get to Glacier Geike: on horse or by foot. We decided to hike, and our journey began with this massive and stunning view of the Horns of the Torres del Paine Mountains.

Four hours on a ferry, then transferred over to the zodiac to go further up the Serrano River. It’s pretty amazing how much you can cram on a small zodiac without tipping over. Hanging out with local park rangers, its mate again their drink of choice, and through traveling with local Gauchos we learned about the custom of hanging the heads of wild bulls as trophies. Gaucho life.