Chile Adventure Dispatches: Back to Glacier Grey

It’s been 5 years since my last trip to Glacier Grey, and its an adventure in itself just getting up here. Riding up Lago Grey with the tremendous Punta Bariloche and the Cordillera del Paine Mountain Range to the right, the boat captain showed me a postcard from the nineties. He said back then “you could hardly see the Nunatak behind the boat”, which is the sunlit rock formation sticking out of the ice on the left. “The Glacier was one big wall of ice.”

Apparently the ice has been melting faster and faster in the last ten years, and perhaps I’ll get to take some shots to show the differences over time. We were lucky since Hernan from Antares Patagonia Adventures set this trip up and got to show off together with Pedro ‘Red’ on how comfortable wilderness can be made with simple things.

I love coming back to this campsite just at the foot of the glacier, when the Autumn colors are in full peak.