Inspiration : Sami and Meredith made it !

Congratulations on this amazing endeavor !

2765 miles in record 45 days rowed from San Francisco to Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii across the vast Pacific Ocean,
they raised $200.000 for the fight for better food. Read more on their blog…

photographer unfortunately un-identified

With all my respect and admiration, you both are a huge inspiration !

Inspiration : 2400 Mile Row – San Francisco to Hawaii

I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing Sami Inkinen last year and he told me about the crazy adventure him and his wife Meredith Loring are planning.
On June 7th 2014 as part of the Great Pacific Race it’s a Go. They will row 2400 mile from San Francisco to Hawaii for approximately 2 month. Having no real open ocean rowing experience, preparing with an interesting training routine and committed to an unusual dietary approach without sugar, this will be a big challenge. Oh, and there will be no support boat going along …

I am seriously inspired.

You can follow them at FAT CHANCE ROW , donate to their cause in the fight against cancer and see their progress at Great Pacific Race.

Here is one of my shots of Sami training in the hills north of San Francisco.

Inspiration : Brian Nice and TBI

TBI stands for Traumatic Brain Injury

This is how Brian Sees for now

“On September 27, 2013, Brian Nice, Traumatic Brain Injury survivor, and his team will embark on a cross-country road trip to photograph the American landscape through the eyes of someone affected by brain injury. The images and journey are intended to inspire Traumatic Brain Injury survivors along with everyone to see past their own limitations and do what they love.”

Meeting up with him last week during the wrap party of one of his fundraisers he told me :

‘I am mentally clear, it’s just that I am stuck in this body.’

and I asked myself,
do I comprehend what he means ?

To follow his trip, progress and new work go to Brian’s ‘My Point Of View’ or and to donate and support go to ‘Support My Point of View’.

Inspiration : Bliss

Have you ever been excited, full of joy and laughed so hard that you had to scream ?

Norwegian adventurer Aleksander Gamme hungry, having lost 55 pounds, after an 86 day solo trek to the South Pole in Antarctica is checking one of his last supply caches buried in the snow.

Radiolab on WNYC, one of my favorite radio shows, ran a Bliss segment on Dec 17th, 2012 with four Bliss stories, click here to listen to how Radiolab sets the scene for Alexander Gamme or download WNYC’s mobile app.