Environmental: Erosion

Very close to home, Super Storm Sandy showed us again the strength of Nature and it’s elements. Walking down the ocean beach in my area displayed a warning sight. The natural sand dunes have taken a much bigger toll then I personally have ever seen. The autumn and winter storms have their impact every year, […]

Backyard Projects : Sandy’s Effects on the Bay Beach

Going for a walk the night after Sandy hit, the beach at Little Peconic Bay had changed. Instead of erosion, it added quite an amount more of sand. It felt like a new dune section was in creation over night. It was a challenge not having a tripod. Holding my breath each time and bracing […]

Barefoot Running : Back on the Beach

The temperatures are becoming beautifully challenging again, wishing all of you barefoot enthusiasts an exciting winter season. Courtesy Maddalena Gracis

Barefoot Running: Back At The Ocean Beach

  It had been a while since I got to run the Ocean Beach. What a magnificent day last Saturday was. 45 degrees, off shore winds. Once the feet adjusted, it felt like early summer with a chill.

Backyard Project: My Neighbor Al

  I admire Al’s true passion for flying his paraglider when ever he can, low temperatures certainly do not hold him back. The right amount of wind can make it challenging to start, but once off the ground with a birds eye perspective, he sees the beauty of nature that surrounds us out here. Doing […]

Barefoot Running: Snow

  I’ve been wanting to try barefoot running in the snow, and this past weekend we had the only real snow all winter. Okay, I kind of chickened out and went minimalist…with socks …  I just love when a blanket of snow reduces all the clutter. It really helps NYC, but even the nature out here […]