Barefoot Running: End of Autumn

Two weeks ago I accidentally did my longest barefoot run, over two hours on the ocean beach. Timing and the endurance of a dear friend of mine lead me to see where I can take it. I was sore and have to admit to walking short stretches, since that sand worked the tiniest muscle in my feet, I did not even know I had.

I really enjoy running on the beach, so yesterday I tried to ignore the frost, focused on the abundant sunshine, calm ocean, and crisp fresh air and while my feet for the first miles were definitely cold, they adjusted, got blood pumped, allowing me to casually step into the ocean water. Almost like summer : )

Backyard Project IV: Barefoot Running

Barefoot running in the sand on a beach in Long IslandOn a personal note, I had to try this out having been exposed to all these barefoot/minimal running projects. This is the morning after our first nor’easter. It’s my third weekend running barefoot and I absolutely dig it! At first I was a little bit worried about the weather. Not only do my feet feel alive and happy, but the circulation in my feet is so pumped, I don’t even feel the cold.

I started out slow, since the muscles have to get used to the new running style. No more heel strike; fore foot or mid foot is the mantra, which results in using different muscles. My calves were screaming for a while, but they get over it. It’s just fun, no aches or pains.