Barefoot Running : Back on the Beach

The temperatures are becoming beautifully challenging again, wishing all of you barefoot enthusiasts an exciting winter season. Courtesy Maddalena Gracis

Barefoot Running: Back At The Ocean Beach

  It had been a while since I got to run the Ocean Beach. What a magnificent day last Saturday was. 45 degrees, off shore winds. Once the feet adjusted, it felt like early summer with a chill.

Barefoot Running: End of Autumn

  Two weeks ago I accidentally did my longest barefoot run, over two hours on the ocean beach. Timing and the endurance of a dear friend of mine lead me to see where I can take it. I was sore and have to admit to walking short stretches, since that sand worked the tiniest muscle […]

Backyard Project IV: Barefoot Running

On a personal note, I had to try this out having been exposed to all these barefoot/minimal running projects. This is the morning after our first nor’easter. It’s my third weekend running barefoot and I absolutely dig it! At first I was a little bit worried about the weather. Not only do my feet feel alive and […]