San Juan Island Dispatches : Road Trip to Mount Constitution

Orcas Island being our base, we ventured out on a road trip this morning up to Mount Constitution.

Though the Nature surrounding us is tremendous, thanks to the dedication of ‘The Moran State Park’ in 1921 with locals having been very active in the conservation of this area, I would have loved to see it back in that time, when this round was cut from a Douglas Fir in 1932 at the estimated age of 322 years. The tree would have ‘recently’ had its 400 birthday. Can you imagine an entire forest full of trees that age ?

During our visit here we got to experience some of the most beautiful sunshine, confirming that the islands have a less rainy micro climate then nearby Seattle, so we did not mind a day of overcast skies. The view from the overlook is stunning anyhow.

San Juan Island Dispatches : Seaplaning into the Islands

Once the morning fog lifted we were on our way. Our pilot Joe has a touch of Tin Tin … lots of adventure in his eyes.
A short stop to pick up the prop kayak, tied it to the skid and off we are to the perfect sunset beach.

Accessing the San Juan Islands by seaplane is a pure treat. Especially in this exceptionally well maintained deHavilland Beaver from 1954. Location scouting via the birds eye perspective still stays one of my favorite things to do and I wish we would have more time to visit many more of the 172 islands of this magnificent archipelago.

Though I personally missed seeing the local resident Orcas or any of the Bald Eagles, Nature and Wildlife feels abundant in its presence and the light is magical this time of the year. I much appreciate being able to see this beautiful area and look forward to being back soon.