Inspiration : 100 Mile Paddle Day 2

Some paddlers muscles are sore, pampered with Ibuprofen or Superfoods to keep going, others just wake up after the first 13 hour paddle day. ” I prefer continuos events, after 15 years of adventure racing, my body gets in the groove on day two to day eight,” says Robyn Benincasa. Like William’s hands most everyone’s fingers are taped for today’s paddle and the start is very competitive. Everyone pushing hard resulting in the field sticking together for quiet a bit, but it is still 40 Miles to go. Unlike yesterday we have a slight river down wind, which combined with the outgoing tide will speed everybody up a bit.

Constantly counting paddlers, binoculars are the only way to see them at times, Roman Kraus, co founder of the event, while updating Facebook to over 900 virtual followers … Touch and go, the adventure teams are getting the paddler exchanges down utilizing the launch 5 boat ‘Patrolman Henry A. Walburger’ under Capt. Porteus’s secure navigation … Time for a cool down, race director and co-founder Andrew Mencinsky leads the lapsing members of the adventure team into the Hudson river.
William Rich stood his ground and finished first, followed by Ian, Garrett and Ed of the adventure team, closely followed by Carol Choi in her outrigger. Karen Wrenn finishing first in the women’s elite class followed by Robyn Benincasa. Though, with almost $20,000 raised for the various charities, it feels like everyone involved in this amazing event won. This has been a great inaugural launch and it always amazes me how people pull together under more extreme condition and the great energy it produces, check how Shane Perrin, Robyn Benincasa and Timm Ed line up to finish together in a great display of comradery after paddling 100 miles.
For more info go to or check their Facebook.

Inspiration : 100 Mile Paddle Day 1

No novices at this event, paddlers signed in are either full pro or very passionate ‘semi pro’s’. Everybody knows what there in for, this is the real deal. The line up of the latest high tech in endurance paddling equipment is impressive and the pre dawn start prep has something meditative. Start at 5:30am, the sun had just risen above the horizon. Welcome to the Hudson River.
Once getting out of the wind protected creek leading from Kingston to the River, the Hudson feels big, vast and majestic and the headwind reminds us all… this is a serious challenge. Lush summer green frames the river with sandbanks, rock walls and wetlands Nature and the wildlife is beautifully present everywhere. Soon the field of paddlers spreads out and they become tiny specks dancing on the horizon

“Hydration is king for shorter distances, for this kind of event you also need to eat, eat and eat ! ” endurance athlete Karen Wrenn changing camelbaks. Local paddler William started strong and while leading the pack found time to clean up the river, throwing a pot of grease back to the support boat.

With the weather ever changing down the river, though thunderstorms were in the forecast, the first one caught everyone by surprise. The support boats raced to picked up paddlers bringing them underneath the bridges for cover from the lighting, Shane Perrin, Robin Biancalla and Tim Ed were sitting on their boards clinging to our support zodiac avoiding the destroying shore rocks in almost 2 feet chop at 40 mph wind gusts. Tim Ed later described this challenging moment as one of the best during the entire race, it reminded him of his times as a US Marine.
After 13 hours of paddling, the head wind is killing the timing and in the name of safety, the race organizers decide to pull some boards and paddlers from the back of the pack off the river before nightfall. The night will give a short rest, some food and time to aid the aching muscles, but this is only half way, the most treacherous waters around Manhattan are still to come tomorrow.

Inspiration : 100 Mile Paddle

Every challenge is relative !

Paddling 100 miles down the Hudson River to circumvent Manhattan in forecasted 100 degree Fahrenheit reminds me of an Ultra-marathon in the desert.      What are you made of ?

You can follow these remarkable women and men paddling to raise awareness and money for many great causes on the 100 Mile Facebook page or come out to cheer them on this weekend anywhere along the rivers. The Start is in Kingston, NY around 6 am on Saturday, July 20th and the Finish is around 4 pm on Sunday, July 21st in Manhattan on Pier 66 at 26th St. and the Westside Highway. For more details and the race course visit their website.

I figure, I’ll find out what motivates these unique humans that are willing to push themselves to their limits in the name of charity and while documenting some of the paddlers personal journey, I am hoping to feed updates to my blog here.

Inspiration : Fabio’s Bees at Westwind Orchards

Fabio is in love with his bees and it pains him to see a hive not doing well. Since the essential queen bee in this hive, again, is nowhere to be found, he decides to add one more time a different queen bee cell to get it going. Hopefully it will work and the colony will survive and thrive like the other multi-stacked hives right next to it, doing their part in Nature’s cycle and helping in the food production for us humans.


Inspiration : Jorg Badura on iTunes University

It was a great experience sharing some of my photography and production knowledge with the passionate and enthusiastic students at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Thank you very much to all who came out that night, hope to see you at the next one. If you couldn’t make it, you can see the entire lecture on iTunes University.


Inspiration : On March 26th Jorg Badura at SVA – NYC

I am speaking at the School of Visual Arts and I would like you to join me. While I was thinking of topics to speak about, I thought to myself ‘what does your audience really want to know…?’

What would you like to hear me share ?

Even if you are not able to attend, you can still take part, the talk will be available here on iTunes so please feel free to give me your input either via a comment here on the blog or send me an email.

As part of the SVA i3 : Images, Ideas, Inspiration Lecture series and Art in the First Person Lectures,
my talk starts at 7 pm sharp, is open to the public, in room 418 F at 136 West 21st St, between 6 and 7th Ave.

For more info please check the School of Visual Arts website. Hope to see you there.

LA : Steven Lippman’s ‘Moments’ book launch

I love the water, the oceans and the seas and I love surfing.

Fellow photographer Steven Lippman is presenting his book in Los Angeles and a portion of the proceeds go to benefit A Walk on Water – a non-profit organization which provides water therapy to children with special needs through guided surf instruction.

The Artist’s Reception will take place on Thursday, March 21st, 2013 from 6-10pm @ 5th and Sunset Studios, 12322 Exposition Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90064 For more info please go to
I wish I could say, see you there, but I will not be in LA this week. Enjoy !