Inspiration : Fabio’s Bees at Westwind Orchards

Fabio is in love with his bees and it pains him to see a hive not doing well. Since the essential queen bee in this hive, again, is nowhere to be found, he decides to add one more time a different queen bee cell to get it going. Hopefully it will work and the colony will survive and thrive like the other multi-stacked hives right next to it, doing their part in Nature’s cycle and helping in the food production for us humans.


Food : Westwind Orchard Harvest Feast

Out of the friendship between two famiies, the Chizzola’s, owners of the Westwind Orchard, an organic apple orchard and farm in Accord, NY and the Nanni’s, owners of Celestino a seafood restaurant in Bedstuy, Brooklyn, NY, with their love for organic produce, the care for the earth and their creativity in the kitchen this years harvest celebration set in-between the apple trees was born.

The attention to detail and taste is exceptional and nature set the tone during the day to night transition with a beautiful display of light and temperature changes. There is something unmatchable to sitting outside under the open sky surrounded by dear friends and family and their uncountable kids of all ages, it warms the soul.

We all agreed, we will do this more often.

Food: Inspired Simple Diet

Dr. Terry L. Walsh’s story and speech (see post Food: Modern Hunter/Gather) made a serious impression on me. I decided to test my version of the Walsh diet to see where it would take me and my health. For the last three months, except when traveling or the occasional ‘having no other choice’ or ‘ I just want to eat this now’,  I ate a mix of all sorts of 5 min steamed vegetables, with a higher percentage in leafy greens, all sorts of animal proteins, and stayed wheat and gluten free with very little grain intake and almost no alcohol or sugar. It takes a lot more chewing and my jaws were sore the first week, but the satiated feeling I got was new, lasting, and comforting.

Will I get smarter? Probably not … that might be too late, but one thing I recognized is that I kick colds in the onset, supported by two pieces of chewed raw garlic. My immune system is definitely up to it’s task. I sleep better, have more energy, and handle stress with more ease.  A great way to monitor the changes is through a hair analysis. My last test shows a great improvement in my mineral profile.

If you’re interested in learning more hands on about nutrition, much respected Dr. Adriano Borgna is holding his nutritional approach for building energy and blood seminar on Feb. 26th at the Swedish Institute in NYC.

I am very curious to see the long term effects of this way of eating, and plan on continuing.

Food: Modern Hunter/Gatherer

I am truly inspired by Dr. Terry L. Wahls. Through her well researched food as medicine diet she has been able to reverse her MS. The modern hunter/gatherer concept makes sense to me. We are what we eat. I very much hope you can utilize this information for your own and the good of others. Please watch this short video from TEDxtalks.