Inspiration : 180 Degrees South

Conquerors of the Useless

“The regard for the planet shown in 180° South comes from the quiet, philosophical nature of the people profiled in the film, who realize there is more adventure in the preservation of nature than in its conquering.” -Bill White

Inspiration : Fabio’s Bees at Westwind Orchards

Fabio is in love with his bees and it pains him to see a hive not doing well. Since the essential queen bee in this hive, again, is nowhere to be found, he decides to add one more time a different queen bee cell to get it going. Hopefully it will work and the colony will survive and thrive like the other multi-stacked hives right next to it, doing their part in Nature’s cycle and helping in the food production for us humans.


Environmental : Earth Day

Can humanity, when having an impact on Nature, be more conscious about the consequences ?

I am all for renewable Energy, but what happens when technology advances way faster then predicted or funding gets cut ?
Working on a project in Hawaii a couple of years ago, I came across Kamaoa, the local abandoned wind farm and eye sore for many years. There was an eery energy about this place while shooting images of these disabled giants at night.

The removal cost is tremendous, but finally last year the last of the windmills were torn down and are being sold to China for scrap metal. Here is a video by the local news.