Inspiration : On March 26th Jorg Badura at SVA – NYC

I am speaking at the School of Visual Arts and I would like you to join me. While I was thinking of topics to speak about, I thought to myself ‘what does your audience really want to know…?’

What would you like to hear me share ?

Even if you are not able to attend, you can still take part, the talk will be available here on iTunes so please feel free to give me your input either via a comment here on the blog or send me an email.

As part of the SVA i3 : Images, Ideas, Inspiration Lecture series and Art in the First Person Lectures,
my talk starts at 7 pm sharp, is open to the public, in room 418 F at 136 West 21st St, between 6 and 7th Ave.

For more info please check the School of Visual Arts website. Hope to see you there.

6 thoughts on “Inspiration : On March 26th Jorg Badura at SVA – NYC

  1. Jorg,
    It was a pleasure attending your talk today at SVA.
    I was the photographer who spoke with you about the monopod/pole for getting a different view point.
    A bit of a silly question. Did have to clean the lens between shots of the cyclist riding through water shots? Seeing that they were creating all that spray.
    Adi Talwar

    • Hi Adi,
      my camera was in a water housing with a flat lens port and I removed the spray with a simple squeegee wipe. A short version of the kind you use to clean windows.
      Thank you for attending, I had a great time sharing with you all. Jorg

  2. I am one of the SVA grad students who was at your lecture last night. I have to say, I’ve never seen that many people hang out for so long afterwards to get a chance to talk to the photographer. You blew us all away. It was amazing. My mother is from New Zealand, and I’ve always wanted to go there and shoot, but now I want to go there and hang off cliffs while shooting. Even with my fear of heights, you made me want to do it. Thanks for sharing with us!

    • Hi Sharron,
      that is what it is all about !
      Go do it, you will have a blast. NZ is magnificent ! It was fantastic sharing with all of you and I much enjoyed the participation of everybody. Jorg

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